Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thin Mint Cupcake

I have not been doing any sewing recently and I have to confess I'm having some major withdrawal symptoms.  Most of my sewing supplies are in my mom's basement in unmarked boxes mixed in with about 50 other unmarked boxes stacked to the ceiling.  Finding my supplies would be like searching for that one missing sock that you swear the dryer ate.  Every time I get it in my mind I'm actually gonna find my sewing stuff, I stand in front of the piles and piles of boxes and just stare at them for a good 10 minutes before deciding I should just start rebuying the needed supplies.


What have I been doing with my time you ask?  Baking cupcakes!
My mom and I are signed up for our local Relay For Life in June.  My family has been deeply effected by cancer with 2 of my aunts and my mother having gone through treatment for breast cancer and my grandmother dying of lung cancer, so this is close to my heart.  We decided we wanted to try and raise money for our team and my mom came up with the idea of Cupcakes for a Cure.  Every Wednesday for the last 3 weeks she has taken cupcakes to her school where people donate money for my cupcakes.  I was so super excited to try out some of my recipes and I wanted to share my Thin Mint with every one.

Since it is Girl Scout cookie season and my favorite are Thin Mints.  I've been wanting to make a Thin Mint cupcake forever and it came out perfect!  I adapted this recipe using the WASC version I found at Cakecentral

Thin Mint Cupcakes
2c chocolate cake mix
1/2 c flour
1/2c sugar
1T cocoa powder
1/4t salt
2Tchocolate pudding mix
2 egg whites
1/2 c sour cream
2/3c coffee
1/4 c chocolate milk
1T oil
1t vanilla
1c crushed thin mint cookie crumbs
approximately 1/4t creme de menthe Lorann flavoring (the flavoring should be very light since a thin mint does not have a strong mint flavor.  Be sure to add this flavoring to taste)

wisk all dry ingredients together then add all other ingredients and mix with hand mixer.

Chocolate Mint Buttercream
1/2c soft butter
3T milk
2 cups sifted powdered sugar
1c melted semi sweet chocolate chips
approximately 1/4t creme de menthe Lorann flavoring (once again taste your frosting and add just enough flavoring to lightly flavor your frosting with mint)

cream the butter with a hand mixer until its fluffy. add 3T milk and mix. Add powdered sugar in small amounts and mix well.  Pour in melted chocolate chips and mix. Add flavoring to taste.



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