Friday, May 6, 2011


I will be on hiatus for a week or two while we get moved and set up house.  I have yet to schedule anyone to install internet so I will be out of comission for the time being.  I have a few projects coming up I can't wait to share including my mother's day gift to my mom and mother-in-law, my friend's 3 year old's birthday gift, my sister's graduation, and a few other little things I'll be working on.

To all the mother's out there Happy Mother's Day, enjoy every minute of it.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Guest Posting

Today I'm guest posting over at Small Fry and Co.  I absolutely lover Heather's blog and have been following it for over a year.  She decided to do an Unsung Creative Mom's Week, featuring quite a few amazingly talented women, so go over and check it out!

Here is the project I have contributed. 

A coupon organizer.  Being the wannabe extreme couponer I am, I'm super excited about my organizer, and BONUS this makes for a great little gift for Mother's Day.  My mom has been asking me to make her an organizer for quite a while, so yes this year she will finally get one, along with a few other little tidbits.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Extreme Couponing!

Has anyone seen this show on TLC.  I am officially obsessed.  The only problem is I don't get the channel with our cable.  I spent the other week in Ohio with my family and got hooked on it.  Now I am a coupon clipping fool.  My husband laughs at me when he comes home from work and sees me sitting on the couch, computer next to me and a stack of coupons in my lap.  For anyone else out there who is getting into the coupon craze here are a couple websites I found and love.

both of these sites show the ads for the current week, list the items on sale and the coupons that correspond with them.  Then it shows the price you will pay.  Like last week Walgreens was having a sale and you could purchase Schick Hydro razors for $1.99 after the coupon savings. 

The only problem with getting into the coupon craze is it makes me want to go shopping and right now is not the best time to be spending money.  So in order to justify it in my mind I'm only going to buy the items that are at extremely low prices.  Here's something I didn't know, you can use two coupons on a buy 1 get 1 sale.  I assumed you could only use 1 coupon because the other item is "free".  However what I have learned is even though the other item is "free", you still pay taxes on that item so you can use a coupon with it.  If there are any doubts you can google the Walgreen's coupon policy and it's right there is black and white.  I did read some people have had problems with cashiers accepting the second coupon for the free item but I didn't have any issues when I purchased my 2 Schick Hydro razors and 2 bottles of Schick Hydro shave gel for a total price of $7 for a grand total savings of over $25. SCORE!

Something for you (whoever you are) to think about: every year my mom fills our stockings with items like razors, lotion, toothpaste, deodorant, tylenol, etc.  All the things we hate to buy but have to.  I informed her of these websites and that there are many coupons that do  not specify "excludes trial size".  If the coupon doesn't exclude it and its for $1.00 off deodorant and the trial size is $0.97 then you get it for free.  That's one less stocking stuffer pulling money out of your wallet, and we all know how fast those stocking stuffers can blow our Christmas budget.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Toy Story Birthday

Yes I know I posted not too long ago that I wanted to have a Curious George themed 1st birthday for Grant.  I still love Curious George and think it would be an adorable 1st birthday however, Grant loves Toy Story.  You may be saying to yourself, how can a 6 month old love a certain movie?  I would have been asking myself that if someone had told me the same thing about their child, but I'm telling you it's true.

We were at my mom's last week in Ohio and were leaving Grant with her husband while we went grocery shopping.  It was getting close to his bedtime so he was getting cranky, really cranky.  Wouldn't stop screaming, wouldn't take a juice bottle, wouldn't calm down, so what did we do you ask?  We put in Toy Story 2, and guess what?  He stopped crying.  Didn't utter another peep and fell asleep watching it. 

He has been watching Toy Story since he was about 3 months.  I happened to put it in one day while I was doing dishes and Grant was laying on his play mat, when I came around the corner he was watching the movie and making his happy noises.  I thought it was probably just a fluke but I started putting either Toy Story 1 or 3 in while I ate breakfast so he wouldn't cry and want me to hold him and what do you know he watched it for at least 20 minutes every day. 

So I got to thinking maybe it was a little selfish of me to do a birthday of Curious George when he so obviously loves Buzz and Woody.  Needless to say I will be doing Grant's 1st birthday with a Toy Story theme, and that's ok with me.  I've already started doing my party planning research and have a million ideas but those are for another day, this post is long enough.


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