Friday, December 28, 2012

On the Go Sewing Kit

Since we are spending the holiday away from home and we have a pretty long car ride ahead of us with limited space in our car, I decided I was in desperate need of a travel sewing kit.  I have had the book One Yard Wonders for a couple years and have not ever made anything from it.  Not because the ideas are not good but because I'm really not great following directions with patterns.  I prefer tutorials with pictures, lots and lots of pictures.  However, when I saw this sewing kit I thought it would be really easy to follow and decided to give it a shot.

I will admit, I used the same measurements as the pattern suggested but in true Lisa fashion, I did not follow any of their directions.  Don't get me wrong there was nothing wrong with the directions given in the book, they were clear and easy to follow, I'm just really really bad at following any directions, period.  Plus I also had to change a couple things because I refused to go to the craft store until after the holidays.  Here are the few changes I made:
The directions say to use snaps but I didn't have any so instead I used velcro as closures for all three of the pockets.
I also made 2 of the needle holders placing them side by side even though the directions only call for one.  One just didn't seem like enough.
My one piece of advice: If you look at the picture in the pattern book it will show the top pocket holding a pair of scissors, which is exactly what I wanted to put in the large top pocket of my sewing kit, however, the pocket is too small for the pair of scissors I own.  My advice is if you too want a pocket for scissors, measure your scissors and adjust the pocket size as necessary.
This project only took me a couple hours from start to finish, and probably wouldn't have taken that long if I would have turned the darn tv off (that boob tube will suck your life away :). 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Peg People Dolls & A Little Girl Purse

We are traveling over the holiday to see friends and family and I'm so excited to be seeing a couple of my close friends.  I decided last minute I wanted to do a gift for each of them and one of their daughters who'se almost 3.  I've been wanting an excuse to make peg people for awhile and since I already had the wood people I thought now would be a great time.

I have seen some truely beautiful peg dolls all over the internet and while I know mine aren't as detailed as some or perfect, I think they are pretty darn good for my first try.  Grant couldn't stop playing with them, which of course means I have to make a set fit for a little boy next.
And of course I couldn't give 3 little peg dolls without a little bag to carry them in.
I made this little girl purse in about 20 minutes, creating the pattern as I went along.  I'm really hoping to figure out how the heck to make this into a pdf but until then you will have to remain satisfied with the picture.  I used velcro instead of a zipper because it's what I had in my stash and ironed fusible interfacing to the outer pieces of fabric for more stability.  The fabric flower was made using this tutorial.
There are literally hundreds of fabric flower tutorials out there in the blog world but I really think this is one of the easiest.  I figure if I can do this flower with a 2 year old climbing all around me and on me then it's a score.
After realizing how simple this bag was to make I now have it on my to-do list for my neice Sophie.  She has just started carrying bags around putting all her little toys and goodies inside.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Memory Lane Game Finished!

I finally finished the game pieces to go with the Christmas Memory Lane Game I'm giving to my mom for Christmas this year.

I made 3 girls and 1 boy representing my brother, sister, mom, and myself.  I didn't try anything fancy with these because I needed them to be finished quickly, but I still think they are pretty darn cute.
For the "treasure" pieces of the game I chose to do wood discs with gifts on them.  I used my Cricut and the Joys of the Season cartridge to cut the gifts out.  I used mod podge to adhere them to the wood discs.  The object of the game is to gain 4 treasures, or gifts, and make it to the home space.  The first one home wins the game.
I added a title, "The Christmas Memory Lane Game", to the box top as well as photos from Christmas's when we were little.  I had the whole box finished without any photos on the top and just kept starring at it thinking there was something missing.  After adding the photos it gave it just the right nostalgic touch I wanted. 
Even my little guy can't wait to play.
 I'm really excited for my Mom to open this one and I'm hoping it becomes a tradition to play this game and share memories of Christmas's past.

Mug Rugs & Cozy to Match

I made a couple mug cozies and mug rugs to match  for 2 of my friends.  Of course after having made them I'm really wanting one for myself and my mom has already put in an order for me to make her one as well.  A crafter's to-do list is never ending.

I searched blog land to find a coffee mug cozy tutorial and found this one, but of course in my usual style I used the measurements (the one thing I hate most about crafting is figuring measurements) and did my own thing with the rest.
I've seen quilted mug rugs many times and have had them on my to-do list for awhile.  I love how these turned out and just like the cozies I now want a set of these for myself.
Here is how I made mine:
I cut 2 pieces of fabric 6x6inches and 1 piece of quilt batting 6x6 inches.  I layered them with the batting on bottom, 1 piece of fabric with right side facing up on top of the batting, and 2nd piece of fabric with wrong side facing up on top of that one.  I pinned the 3 layers together, stitched around the 4 sides using 1/2inch seam allowance and leaving bout a 1 1/2inch opening for turning on one of the sides.
Clip your corners.  This helps when you turn your mug rug right side out.
Turn right side out.
Pin opening closed and stitch around four sides using 1/4inch seam allowance, making sure to stitch opening closed.
I made a design on my mug rugs by just going around making a square inside of a square until I reached the center.  I think it just gives the rugs a little something special about them. 
 The best part is you can raid your scrap pile to make these and they make great gifts for friends, co-workers, bus drivers, teachers, or stocking stuffers for family.
Now for the mug cozy.  As I said in the beginning I used the measurements from this blog and she made some super cute cozies but I wanted mine to be a bit different and to me mine are a smidge easier and quicker to make.
You will need 2 pieces of fabric 3 1/2x10 inches and a piece of Insul-Bright 3 1/2x10inches (you could use quilt batting but the Insul-Bright is what's used in pot holders and I have tested it out with my cozies and your hands will be completely protected from the heat of your mug.  I prefer the Insul-Bright over anything else).
Layer and pin these pieces as shown below with the 2 pieces of fabric right sides together and the Insul-Bright on the bottom (it doesn't matter which side of the Insul-Bright is up or down).
I used hair elastics (I bought a package of 100 various colored elastics at Dollar General for $1) instead of velcro (as is shown in the tutorial I reference above)to hold the cozy onto the mug.  If you choose to use hair elastics cut the metal piece off of 2 of them, if there is one, and place them in between the 2 (right side together) pieces of fabric.
Using a 1/4inch seam allowance stitch the elastics into place, making sure not to stitch the top layer in place (fold this piece of fabric back while you stitch the elastics in place).
Fold the top piece of fabric back down covering up the elastics and pin in place.  Stitch around the 4 sides using  1/4 inch seam allowance making sure to leave an opening for turning.
Turn right side out.
Pin opening closed and stitch all the way around using 1/4inch seam allowance.
For the finishing touch, hand sew 2 buttons on the opposite end of the elastics,  The hair elastics will loop over these to hold in place.  I made the gray and yellow chevron cozy reversable.  If you want to do the same make sure you put 2 buttons on each side.
TA-DAAA!  You're done.  You now have your very own mug cozy perfect for drinking hot chocolate on a cold winter's night.  I will forwarn you, after making one of these you will have the urge to make many many many more, as they can be addicting.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Salt and Pepper Shakers for a Play Kitchen

My step dad is making Grant a play kitchen (more on that later), and I've been going nuts making accessories to go with it.  First up is the salt and pepper shakers.  I saw them on Homemade by Jill forever ago and logged it in the crafty file in my brain.  When I decided a kitchen was the perfect gift for him this year I knew I had to have some s/p shakers.  They are super easy, just paint and glue and you're done and they make such a cute addition to a kitchen.

I found the wood spools at Hobby Lobby along with the dome tops.  I used acrylic paint and wood glue to adhere the pieces together.  I used a pencil to draw the S and P and then painted them in.  I also put some beads in the center and added a small wood disc shape (not shown) to the bottom so when Grant shakes them it will actually sound like a salt and pepper shaker.

Snowman Ornament

My friend posted a picture on facebook of snowman ornaments and I decided I wanted to make 1 as Grant's yearly ornament.

I a bought plastic Christmas ball at Hobby Lobby, I don't put anything glass on our tree since little man was born.  I filled it with tiny fake snow I found at Hobby Lobby in the same section as the plastic balls.  I free handed the face with acrylic paint and pulled the baby sock over top.  You could use something to adhere the sock to the ball but mine has stayed on just fine as is.
I cut off the tip if the sock where the seam was, in order to put the hook on the ornament.
Once the hook is in place take the tip of the sock you cut off, stretch it out, and use it to tie a knot around the top of the ornament.
Use your scissors and cut strips down the sock all around.
And you're done! simple and quick and oh so cute.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Memory Lane Game

I have been working on a Christmas Memory Lane game for my Mom for months now.  Never did I think it would take this long for all the finishing touches but I'm so thrilled it's almost done.  I have finished the game board, box, and trivia cards.  I still have the game pieces, treasures, and rules sheet to finish but I wanted to post what I have so far.

Pictured is the box (which I still have to put the name of the game on), game board, and the trivia cards are sitting inside the box.
I used pictures from the clipart on my computer.  A good crafter would have dug up so old family photos and put them on these squares but digging those out, copying them, and printing them at the right size would have been more of a challenge than I was willing to take on.   I wanted to show a close up of the game spaces so you could get an idea of what I did for each of them. 
I had multiple "Memory" spaces that require the player to share a Christmas memory.  I also had a couple "Swipe" spaces where an opponent could take another players treasure. 
The trivia cards are random questions related to memories of our Christmas's when we were growing up.  For example, "Who told Lisa Santa wasn't real?".  Some of the trivia cards are asking to share a memory or lose a treasure because you didn't finish your Christmas shopping on time.  I typed all the cards up in a Microsoft Works word document then used my Cricut and the centerpoint feature to cut them all the exact same size.
I got the idea for this game from this website so if you're wanting more ideas go there to see how they made their game.  When making my game I decided to take a few shortcuts, for example I didn't mod podge the scrapbook paper or the game spaces to the game board.  Instead I used glue dots to adhere them.  Let me give you this advice.....use the mod podge.  While mine turned out ok, you can tell they aren't adhered in the best fashion every time you open and close the game board.  I know my mom won't care but the next game I make I will not take this short cut.
I only have til this weekend to finish this project so hopefully I will have the finished box and game pieces to show soon.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More Photo Ornaments

Every year I used to give my sister a sister Hallmark ornament and my mom a mother/daughter Hallmark ornament, while I still adore Hallmark ornaments I just can't justify paying the price for them anymore.  I decided I wanted to do an Aunt ornament for my sister this year and a Grammy ornament for my mom but finding them ready made is nearly impossible so of course I had to make a couple.  They both loved the ornament I made my grandparents so I thought one similar would be perfect.

I did the photos exactly the same as my grandparent ornament.  I used acrylic paint and free handed the words on the back and filled the space behind the photo inside the ornament with little pieces of curly ribbon.  I didn't like the look of just the back of the photo so I felt the need to jazz it up a little.
The only thing missing from them is ribbon tied to the top because I ran out earlier this week, so back to the craft store I go!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Mickey Crayon Roll-A Stocking Stuffer

I made my first crayon roll last year for my brother's girlfriend's son.  When I was brainstorming stocking stuffers this year I knew a crayon roll for Grant would be perfect.  I used the tutorial at Skip to My Lou. I bought a box of 8 fat crayons so they would be easier for him to hold so I did have to adjust the measurements a little.

I used a hair elastic and a button to hold it closed.
All the measurements were the same except the length which I cut at about 10 3/4 inches with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  After turning it right side out and top stitching around the outside the length ended up being 10 1/4 inches.  This will be paired with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse coloring book I found for 99 cents at Walmart.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Kid's Oven Mitt & Dish Towels

As I have mentioned Santa is brining Grant a play kitchen (hopefully I will have pictures of that finished project soon, it's still getting the finishing touches).  So I have been happily going crazy coming up with accessories to go along with it.  Grant loves throwing around my kitchen dish towels and oven mitts so I thought a few his size would be perfect.  He loves helping me cook and this way he can cook right along with me (without the burning hazards).

For the dish towels I bought 1 at the Dollar Store, cut it in half at the fold then turned it long ways.  I measured and cut a piece of fabric and stitched it around the bottom.  I think they are so so cute. 
Isn't this oven mitt too cute!  I found the pattern here.  I didn't follow any directions since i was pretty sure I could figure it out on my own.  Truth be told, I screwed up the first one I made and this is attempt #2.  I quilted this one to make it look more like a real oven mitt.
A warning for you if you make one of these, they are addicting and you will want to make more.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

2 Fleece/Flannel Monogrammed Blankets

My husband requested I make blankets for his cousin's 2 small children for Christmas, and being the good crafter I am I jumped at the opportunity.  I've done flannel blankets, quilts, and fleece blankets but never done 1 this way, and I have to say I'm really happy with how they turned out.

To make the monogrammed names I just printed the names in a simple font on regular printer paper, cut them out, traced them onto Heat & Bond, ironed the Heat & Bond to the fabric, cut the letters out individually, ironed them to the top blanket fabric, and stitched them with my sewing machine.  Wow that's a really long explanation for something that was really really simple.
Normally when I make quilts or blankets I cut the back fabric about an inch larger than the top so I can fold it over the top fabric and stitch it in place.  The problem was when I purchased the fleece for the back of both blankets I bought 2 yards leaving no room for extra fabric.  So instead I laid both pieces (top and bottom) on top of each other, wrong sides together, then took the raw edges and folded them both in so they were even with each other, pinned in place, and ran it through my sewing machine.  I think they were 2 of the easiest, and softest blankets I've made yet.  Now I'm wanting to make Grant one, but I keep telling myself I have to wait until after the holidays.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Felt Food for Christmas

My step dad is making Grant a play kitchen for Christmas this year so of course felt food was a must to go along with it.  I didn't follow any patterns or tutorials.  I scoured the internet looking at pictures and then just winged it (my favorite way of doing things).  I have to say, felt food can be really addicting.  Once you start you have to make more...and more...and more!

I chose to stick with the more simple felt foods so I could have more of a variety and with all my other projects I knew I wouldn't have time to do the labor intensive ones.  Above there are a bag of chips, strawberries, cookies, pancakes, fried eggs, bacon, pop tarts, and orange slice.  I know Grant is going to love them.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ornament Christmas Cards

I've been trying to get Christmas cards done over the last couple weeks and this is one of 3 I've created so far (if you're wondering why I've made 3 different ones instead of making all of 1 design it's because I'm indecisive, too many ideas floating around in my noggin to pick just 1):

This is not my favorite of the 3 designs but I still love it's simplicity.  The only thing I have left to do is buy some ribbon to attach to the Christmas ball.  I thought I had some when I made them and when I went searching all I found was an empty ribbon spool (so annoying!) 
I again used the Joys of the Season cricut cartridge to cut the ornament, tree, and the word "peace".  The bottom cardstock I just cut to fit where I wanted and used glue dots to attach everything.
The other 2 designs I made were the reindeer and sleigh.  Now all that's left is addressing and mailing them out.  Times a tickin!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sleigh Christmas Cards

I made these cards using my Cricut and some cardstock. 

I used the Joys of the Season cartridge for the sleigh and holly leaves and Accent Essentials cartridge for the image behind the sleigh.  I used the same cardstock stack as I did with the reindeer cards I made last week.  I cut the Sleigh at 2 1/2inches and the background image at 3 inches using micro glue dots to attach everything.
As I was making these I messed up a few times, and verbalized my frustration to my husband to which his response was, "You know some people actually go to the store and buy their Christmas cards.  Just a thought."  Haha, you mean everyone doesn't hand craft their cards?

I could have done what most people do nowadays and trecked to Wally World's photo section, downloaded my favorite family pic and made a photo card, but what is the fun in that? My husband would tell me people will just end up throwing my beautiful hand crafted cards away when they take their tree down but for me there is something special about cards made by someone, and I make them because it makes me happy and that's a good enough reason for me!


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