Friday, December 14, 2012

Kid's Oven Mitt & Dish Towels

As I have mentioned Santa is brining Grant a play kitchen (hopefully I will have pictures of that finished project soon, it's still getting the finishing touches).  So I have been happily going crazy coming up with accessories to go along with it.  Grant loves throwing around my kitchen dish towels and oven mitts so I thought a few his size would be perfect.  He loves helping me cook and this way he can cook right along with me (without the burning hazards).

For the dish towels I bought 1 at the Dollar Store, cut it in half at the fold then turned it long ways.  I measured and cut a piece of fabric and stitched it around the bottom.  I think they are so so cute. 
Isn't this oven mitt too cute!  I found the pattern here.  I didn't follow any directions since i was pretty sure I could figure it out on my own.  Truth be told, I screwed up the first one I made and this is attempt #2.  I quilted this one to make it look more like a real oven mitt.
A warning for you if you make one of these, they are addicting and you will want to make more.

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