Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Memory Lane Game

I have been working on a Christmas Memory Lane game for my Mom for months now.  Never did I think it would take this long for all the finishing touches but I'm so thrilled it's almost done.  I have finished the game board, box, and trivia cards.  I still have the game pieces, treasures, and rules sheet to finish but I wanted to post what I have so far.

Pictured is the box (which I still have to put the name of the game on), game board, and the trivia cards are sitting inside the box.
I used pictures from the clipart on my computer.  A good crafter would have dug up so old family photos and put them on these squares but digging those out, copying them, and printing them at the right size would have been more of a challenge than I was willing to take on.   I wanted to show a close up of the game spaces so you could get an idea of what I did for each of them. 
I had multiple "Memory" spaces that require the player to share a Christmas memory.  I also had a couple "Swipe" spaces where an opponent could take another players treasure. 
The trivia cards are random questions related to memories of our Christmas's when we were growing up.  For example, "Who told Lisa Santa wasn't real?".  Some of the trivia cards are asking to share a memory or lose a treasure because you didn't finish your Christmas shopping on time.  I typed all the cards up in a Microsoft Works word document then used my Cricut and the centerpoint feature to cut them all the exact same size.
I got the idea for this game from this website so if you're wanting more ideas go there to see how they made their game.  When making my game I decided to take a few shortcuts, for example I didn't mod podge the scrapbook paper or the game spaces to the game board.  Instead I used glue dots to adhere them.  Let me give you this advice.....use the mod podge.  While mine turned out ok, you can tell they aren't adhered in the best fashion every time you open and close the game board.  I know my mom won't care but the next game I make I will not take this short cut.
I only have til this weekend to finish this project so hopefully I will have the finished box and game pieces to show soon.

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