Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More Photo Ornaments

Every year I used to give my sister a sister Hallmark ornament and my mom a mother/daughter Hallmark ornament, while I still adore Hallmark ornaments I just can't justify paying the price for them anymore.  I decided I wanted to do an Aunt ornament for my sister this year and a Grammy ornament for my mom but finding them ready made is nearly impossible so of course I had to make a couple.  They both loved the ornament I made my grandparents so I thought one similar would be perfect.

I did the photos exactly the same as my grandparent ornament.  I used acrylic paint and free handed the words on the back and filled the space behind the photo inside the ornament with little pieces of curly ribbon.  I didn't like the look of just the back of the photo so I felt the need to jazz it up a little.
The only thing missing from them is ribbon tied to the top because I ran out earlier this week, so back to the craft store I go!

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