Monday, August 1, 2011

Little Man Tie

Unfortunately my husband's grandpa past away last week so we attended a funeral over the weekend.  I wanted Grant to be dressed up, more so than the usual polo shirt.  While looking through the Goodwill for my husband a pair of dress pants I past the men's ties and I remembered this tutorial I have had saved on my computer forever with great intentions of making one for Grant.  I am all about repurposing lately so I immediately thought of using one of my husband's ties, only to find out he has 3, 2 of which are Christmas ones.  So I bought one at the Goodwill for all of $0.50 and this is how it turned out.

Grant didn't have any solid button up dress shirts so I lucked out and found one of those at the Goodwill too.  This picture is before I washed and ironed it so it looks a mess but I wanted you to see what the tie looks like with the shirt.

Is this too cute or what.  Perfect for church, weddings, or any event you need to dress up for.

It was actually a really easy and fast project.  The only trouble I had was figuring out how to tie the tie, the rest was a piece of cake.  I've already told my mom to be on the lookout for more ties at yard sales so I can make him some more for church.

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