Monday, March 18, 2013

Embroidering Again

I've had the itch to stitch lately. 

Embroidery stitching that is.  My Mamaw and Mom taught me how to embroider when I was probably a preteen.  Never did I think it would become such a part of me.  Every time I see an embroidered piece it takes me back to being a young girl and all the quilts my Mamaw made.  Seeing my mom sitting at night by the lamp, embroidery hoop in hand, stitching on a quilt block for one of the many quilts she contributed to over the years.

In my family, growing up, there was no better gift to get from Mamaw than a quilt.  It was a coveted present and everyone crossed their fingers and silently hoped they would get one of the heavy boxes with a quilt inside.  I have received 2 quilts from my Mamaw and 2 from my Mom over the years and they are so precious to me.  Since they represent my childhood and I really want to make some pieces for our new place (hoping to move into our place around April, crossing fingers, toes, arms, and legs), pieces that are comforting, nostalgic, and of course pretty, I decided some embroidering was in the works.

As I do anytime I have the idea to start a project I googled to find inspiration and in this case, embroidery patterns.  I wanted something other than flowers or your typical embroidery pattern.  I came across this pattern and fell in love, knew I had to make something out of it and decided on a pillow for our living room.
I couldn't get grand photos unfortunately but just know that its super cute.  I traced the pattern onto white muslin with a water soluble quilting pen.  I used fabric I already had and loved how it came together.  I just wish I would have made the fabric blocks a little bigger because I ended up over stuffing it and you can't see it as well.
Now I just need my own living room to put this little cutie on.

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