Saturday, August 3, 2013

Week #9 Grocery Shopping

This week there were so many great deals on produce I went a little crazy.  Not many things sound good to me these days and the ever present nausea makes it a lot more difficult to grocery shop and meal plan (which is why I haven't done it much lately).  Nothing really sounds good to me except take out, fresh fruit, and hot dogs.  So great home cooked meals of meatloaf and mashed potatoes have been set aside for hot dogs, hamburgers, mac and cheese, and anything else that doesn't keep me standing over as stove for an hour.  That being said, here's what I bought this week:

Bread $0.83
Hamburger buns $0.99
Hot dog buns $0.99
Yellow peppers (on clearance) $1.54
Chicken Breast (on markdown) $3.18 used a store coupon for $2 off any meat purchase= $1.18
4 1/2lbs Bananas @ $0.38/lb= $1.71
Ocean Spray juice $2.50 used $1.00 coupon= $1.50
Kraft shredded cheese $2.00
2pkg Eckrich Cheddar bacon links (part of the buy 7 get $7 off) $1.49 used $0.55 coupon that doubled to $1.10= $0.39 each
2 pkg Bacon $1.89 each
3pkg Hot dogs $0.79 each
2 Herbal Essence body washes $2.45 used 2- $1.00 manufacturer coupons and a $2.00 off any health and beauty purchase store coupon making them each $0.45.
Softsoap Foaming hand soap on clearance @ $1.49 used $0.35 coupon that doubled to $0.70= $0.79 
Not pictured: Angel soft toilet paper 6 roll $2.24 used $0.45 coupon that doubled to $0.90= $1.34
Watermelon $2.99
2lbs Grapes @ $0.99/lb =$2.00
Milk- I actually haven't bought any yet, that comes tomorrow since I was so beat after the grocery store and other stops I had to make, I decided one grocery trip was enough for one day.
Total Spent (before milk purchase) $25.94
With milk my total will be about $32 but since I purchased multiple toiletry items I give myself a little cushion.

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