Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Crafting Standstill

I am at a serious crafting standstill.  It's not for a lack of a to-do list.  After all I have a few baby projects I need to get started on, my due date is quickly approaching.  However, it's freakin cold here!  Last night the wind chill was supposed to get down to 30 below.  What the heck kind of weather is this?  I've lived in Ohio all but 5 years of my life and I don't ever recall such weather or temperatures.  It's pretty bad when it gets up to 31 degrees, you walk outside, and for a split second question whether or not you actually need a coat.  Yes it feels that warm after weeks of single digit and negative temps.

You would think being stuck inside would push me to get started on projects but of course I'm lacking some much needed supplies.  A trip to Joann's or Hobby Lobby would solve my problem but that would require me to get Grant bundled up like an eskimo, me bundled up, and then I'd actually have to step foot outside the warmth of my door.  I just can't bring myself to do that just yet. 

And after the many Christmas projects and then baby shower projects I've worked on, then Grant's surgery, I felt I needed a small break.  A few days of no impending crafting deadlines.  Of course that's just a mental thing because my baby projects need finished.  After all you never know when a baby will make it's debut and I'm under no false illusions this time around that I will get much done after baby's arrival.

That all being said, someone needs to kick me in the booty to get things going.

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