Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Embroidered Christmas Card

Ok so actually this card isn't completely finished but I'm so excited with how the front has turned out with the embroidery that I had to share, I couldn't wait until it's finished.

I saw some embroidered Christmas cards when doing a google search awhile back.  I was trying to decide how to make my cards this year and couldn't quite figure anything out.  I saw the embroidered and thought they looked classic and simple but really wanted to use my Cricut like I did last year.  Last year I made reindeer, Christmas tree, and sleigh cards with my Cricut.  I just couldn't find anything that was working for me this year.  Every idea I had didn't turn out right after I cut the images and started laying them out.  Of course when I told my husband this his response was "why don't you just go to the store and buy them?", silly Derrick, he should know better right? haha

I searched for free embroidery patterns online and found these snowflakes.  They looked simple enough and I found this youtube video on embroidering cards.  Of course I didn't do it how they said to because I have to do things my way, but it still worked so I'm gonna say my way was the right way.

Here is my unfinished card:

Ok so I don't feel like I normally brag on myself but isn't this awesome!

I love it! So much so that I really don't want to give it away to anyone haha.  I don't have all the knots and strings covered on the inside and as you can tell there are no words yet on the front.  I can't decide what I want it to say and if I want to use my Cricut, computer, or embroider the words too. 

I have to say when I started poking the holes for the design and sewing my first few stitches I thought, "there's no way I'm gonna want to do this 10 more times, this takes forever."  But once it was finished I wanted to start on my next one immediately.  Of course it was almost midnight, so I refrained but I'm super excited about sending them and this makes me want to embroider other cards for Mother's Day and birthdays.

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