Monday, November 4, 2013

Pioneer Woman's Applesauce

I love looking up recipes online but every time I find one I always wonder if it's actually as good as the person who wrote it says it is.  Most cases it's delish as promised, however there have been a few things I've made, so excited about how great they would taste, that ended up bleh.

I can almost always count on Pioneer Woman to have amazingly great tasting recipes, I actually haven't had one fail me yet and I've tried my fair share.  The other day I was randomly perusing her website when I saw homemade applesauce.  It had honestly never really occurred to me to make my own applesauce but since apples were at an all time low of $0.39/lb at one of my grocery stores I thought "why not?".  Plus I need some more guilt free evening snacks, and it seemed like the perfect thing to make during this Fall season.

I bought 8lbs of apples but 3 of them wouldn't fit in my pot.

(this picture by far is not great but I took it with my cell phone before I forgot to take one at all)
I used water instead of the apple juice she called for in her recipe because I didn't have any and refused to make an extra trip to the store for it.  I added the brown sugar, cinnamon, and 2 shakes of nutmeg and I have to say these apples smelled heavenly the entire time they were cooking.  I stood over the pot a couple times just to get a wif (I don't at all think that's how you spell that word but you know what I mean).
This applesauce was delicious and now I'm wishing I had tried this ages ago.  Making something like homemade applesauce makes me feel like a pioneer woman and I love it.
I was hoping the recipe would make more and if I were canning or freezing this I would have had to buy more apples but for keeping in the fridge and eating before it goes bad I think there was enough.  This batch, which was a pot full of apples, made 1 quart mason jar, 1 barilla pasta jar, and 1 ragu pasta jar full of applesauce.  I gave one jar to my mom so I'm pretty confident we can finish off the other 2 as snacks and a side dish at meals.
If you have ever contemplated making applesauce you should go buy some apples right this second and start cooking them up.  It's one of the easiest things to make and once you make it the first time you will want your own private stash in mason jars or in your freezer so you never have to go without.
I think this will be a Fall tradition from now on, except with a lot more apples.

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