Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hospital Goody Baskets

I started thinking about Grant and Derrick visiting me in the hospital and inevitably whenever you spend long periods of time in the hospital the vending machines and/or the cafeteria become your friends.  You end up spending too much money on snacks, drinks, and junk.  Money you probably don't need to be spending considering you just added a baby to your family.

That's when I thought of having a goody basket in my room specifically for my husband and Grant since they would be there the most.  I thought about the snacks each of them likes, made my list, and headed to the dollar tree.

 For my little guy: Strawberry Banana teddy grahams, junior mints, koolaid pouch, Yoo-hoo milk boxes, Whales (cheese crackers), and ninja turtle ring pops.

For my husband: sunflower seeds, snickers, sweetarts, butterscotch candies, and gum

I probably won't keep it in this bin.  The more I thought about it the more I thought a bag would work better.  I want it easy to grab and go when the time comes, but it does look cuter in a container.  This would be something really great to take to a new mom while she's in the hospital for her and her family if you know the snack foods they like.  I know I'm always trying to come up with something to take to the hospital when someone has a baby that is useful and not something they see and are thinking it's one more thing they have to pack home.

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