Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Baby

All my adult life I have said I would never have a baby in Ohio during the month of March.  Why you ask?

Because it's a horrible month in terms of weather.  I think every huge ice/snow storm we have ever had has been during March.  Years ago, during my husband's (who was just my new boyfriend at the time) second visit to see my family it took us 12 hours to get to my grandparents house.  The trip would normally take 6- 6 1/2hours to drive.  It was the worst trip ever!  We had rain all through Tennessee, then the rain turned to sleet in Kentucky, and of course the sleet turned to snow in Ohio.  We ended up finally making it to my grandparents house and there was a level 3 snow emergency in effect (which means you can be ticketed if you are found on the roads and you are not an emergency vehicle) for 3 days.

This is why I have sworn for years there would be no baby born from me during this month.

And what do I do but go get myself knocked up with a March due date. 

We have had snow that seems like it will never end.  I swear I have questioned whether I would ever actually see the grass again.  Finally we had a "heat wave" of 48 degrees that melted the huge snow pile ups and it was glorious seeing the grass, even with a temperature of 18 degrees I loved seeing the grass.  Then what happens?  A storm comes, calling for 12 inches of snow, sleet, and ice.  I was convinced with my luck I would go into labor early on that night, not be able to make it across town to the hospital due to the inevitable horrible conditions the roads would be in and I would end up having this baby at home.

I'm not dramatic at all am I?

Well there was no early baby born here in my living room and I've yet to see the 12 inches of snow they said we would have but March has just begun.  I'm longing for the beautiful rainbow of spring wildflowers and the smell of fresh cut grass.

 I'm very much over seeing snow.

 I no longer like the color white.

 I really want to be able to walk outside without having to take 20 minutes to bundle myself and my 3 year old up against the bitterly cold, take your breath away when it hits you in the face, wind.  I'm crossing my fingers that I will be really lucky and one of the few "warmer" days (by warmer I'm talking like in the 30's) is when I will go into labor.  A day or night with no snow fall, no ice, no sleet. 

Is that too much to ask from this month of March?

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