Friday, February 28, 2014

You know your at the end of your pregnancy when.....

You know you're at the end of your pregnancy when......

You have to get a little momentum going in order to get off the couch.

You have to scoot your ever growing behind to the end of the couch and use your arms to push off the back of the couch in order to get off the same couch.  So much work just to get up.

You wake up all hours of the night for no apparent reason and can't for the life of you get back to sleep.

You need no less than 6 pillows surrounding you and holding up your belly while you sleep.

Sleeping on your back makes you feel like you can no longer breathe and you sleep on your sides so much they actually get sore throughout the night.

You have acid reflux....horrible, never ending, doesn't matter what you eat, acid reflux.

Every time you get up you make a small groaning noise because your body literally hurts from the weight of your belly.

Your thighs ache all day because this baby is sitting right between them getting ready for it's debut.

Every weird ache you get you are saying a silent prayer it is the beginning of labor.

You pull a muscle, or multiple muscles, in your belly because you rolled over at night and had no support under your belly.

You wonder if your stomach stretches another inch if it's possible for it to actually burst.

The act of getting dressed makes you out of breath.

Bending over is a chore and requires some strategy.

Even your large maternity clothes are slowly starting to no longer fit.

Going to the store makes you exhausted and in serious need of a nap.

The sheer act of standing up makes you feel like you will pee your pants before you make it to the bathroom.

You use the restroom only to stand up, fix your pants and shirt, and have the overwhelming sensation you have to pee again.

Your belly is constantly hitting the counter and "in the way" while you're cooking.

You accidentally almost knock your 3 year old over with your belly because you have no real concept of how far it actually sticks out.

Your toddler constantly looks at your belly and says, "mama your belly's big!"

Your sister says "Lisa you're looking pretty humongous today", and doesn't think you should be offended by it.

You welcome the horrendous pain of childbirth so you can not only finally see your little one but so you also no longer have to be pregnant.  You are that uncomfortable

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