Saturday, December 11, 2010

a few things i've done

Ok i don't have anything recent that i've made since i've been all consumed with my son since his birth (i have now given up on trying to get him on a schedule), so here are a few things i have done in the past few months.  i should have something new made this week, i just bought the fabric to make two christmas gifts for friends and i have to have them done by thursday.  So as long as i remember to take a picture i'll be all set.

one of my favorite things to make are baby items, s when my cousin-in-law's wife was expecting i put together this basket of goodies, a mix of store bought and homemade items. sorry about the crappy photo quality, these pictures were taken on my cell phone months ago.

she planned on cloth diapering her little girl so i made 2 sets of diapers with bibs.  I got the pattern for the diaper at the nappy network.

this buttercup bag i made last year, it was suppose to be a gift for my sister's birthday but ended up being too small for her so now it is going to my niece for her birthday.  i think it turned out so cute and it was really easy too, even for me, who is not the best seamtress.

the black apple doll is still waiting for a home but i saw her first on homemade by jill's blog and thought she was so cute, i had to try to make one even though as of now i have no one to give her to. 

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