Friday, January 27, 2012

Felt Food and a Birthday

My friend's daughter turned 2 last week, Santa brought her a play kitchen and she absolutely loves it so I decided to make her some felt food.

I looked for tutorials but ended up just winging it.  If you google felt food you will find a ton of pictures and how-to's.  I had planned on having a few other food items in the collection but Grant not going to sleep until after 10 and not napping during the day, I had very little time to sew.  I ended up with 2 Pop Tarts, 2 chocolate chip cookies, 2 fried eggs 2 heart shaped sugar cookies, 1 round sugar cookie, and 3 doughnuts.  For the round cookies and doughnuts I did use a small bowl for a template to cut the circles, other than that it was all free handed. I think they turned out cute and I really hope she loves them.

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