Friday, January 13, 2012

Light Posting

Posting around the Homemade house has been extra light the last few weeks, sorry about that.  What is the reason you ask?  Let me give you my list of excuses:
1. Myself, my husband and our little man have all been battling colds since we moved up north.
2. The job hunt has taken over our lives and by the end of the day I am exhausted and the thought of getting on my computer makes me physically ill.
3. All my craft supplies are in various boxes in a room in my mom's basement, and every box looks exactly the same, and piled to the ceiling.  The chances of me finding everything, slim to none.
4. My wonderful son has decided naps are unnecessary as well as going to bed before 10pm.  Which means he is extremely cranky!

Despite my excuses my friend's daughter's birthday is the 21st of this month and I really want to make her gift.  Santa brought her a kitchen set and she absolutely loves it so I immediately thought she needs an apron, chef's hat and some felt food.  So hopefully I will be able to find my fabric and felt and get started, especially since the 21st is coming fast.

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