Monday, August 13, 2012

DIY Christmas Memories Board Game

As I mentioned in my Christmas in July post I'm planning on making my Mom a Christmas memories board game.  I finally started on it and I'm so excited to get it finished.  I've been waking up extra early (when no one else is awake) and staying up late to work on it without her seeing anything.

I've been on the look out for board games at yard sales that I can upcycle for this project and a few others I have floating around in my head.  I found this one for $0.25.  What a score!
The box is in pretty good condition so it will get mod podged with Christmas scrapbook paper.

I didn't look at the game board before purchasing it.  It's a bit of an odd shape but for $0.25 I'll make it work.

I bought 2 pages of scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby over the weekend when they were having a 50% off sale.  For both pages I spent all of $0.58.  I used the pages and glue dots to temporarily adhere the pages to the board.

After I get each of the games spaces cut out I will cover the entire board with clear contact paper.

I feel like I am on a roll getting started with crafty Christmas gifts this early in the year.  I have a tendancy to procrastinate and I'm trying really hard not to do that this year with my handmade Christmas gifts.

I will have more on this board game later but I wanted to show it coming together, and prove I have been crafting since I haven't been blogging a whole lot haha.

P.S. If you get started on your Christmas crafting late and yard sale season is over, you can always wait for Black Friday and you can find Candyland and Chutes & Ladders for about $3 each.  Just put the pieces aside and use the gameboard and box for your project.  It's not as good of a deal as $0.25 but you could still finish the whole project for under $10.

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