Thursday, August 2, 2012

DIY Training Pants

As I mentioned in this post I'm thinking and planning on training my son, but the cost of store bought training pants is overwhelming and way more than we can afford.  This summer I've been scouring yard sales looking for underwear and training pants in good condition and last weekend I hit the jackpot.  I now feel like I have enough training pants and underwear to get through an entire day if he pees/poos in every single pair every half hour, haha.  Let's hope thats not the case, for mine and my washing machine's sake.
At one yard sale last weekend I scored 7 pair of white 2T underwear for $0.25 each.  I hate white underwear, especially for potty training because so many minutes of my day will inevitably be dedicated to stain removal.  So I decided to make all 7 of them into thick training pants.  I first saw the idea here, but didn't want to use up the few pair of cute underwear I had to make them.

To make the trainers I took some wax paper, a Sharpie, and a pair of the underwear.  I layed the wax paper over the underwear and traced a pattern around the front and then the back.  I cut it out and taped it together.

Then I cut the piece out of my prefold diapers, I'm gonna call it a soaker.

 Pin the soaker in place.

Now stitch it into place (sorry for the very poor quality of the pic below but at 5 am with no natural light, what's a girl to do). 

Here's how it looks turned right side out:

I didn't have white thread or you probably wouldn't even be able to tell there was a soaker sewn in.  These aren't water proof so I'll still have to have the rubber pants over top.  When I've discussed potty training with different people they have said using regular underwear can be a pain with the rubber pants because you get a puddle which ends up everywhere when you go to change them.  I'm hoping this sewn in soaker prevents this from happening. 

I have also acquired about 5 pair of these white training pants.  Again, I really hate plain white.

I have some PUL fabric I bought at Hobby Lobby specifically to use for training pants.  I'm in the process of adding a layer to my white training pants to cuten (is that a word, guess it is now) them up a little.

I haven't had the chance to sew the layer on but this is what it should look like.

I got the idea from this website.

I'm hoping over the next few days I will get to finish all my underwear trainers and my waterproof trainers to show off.

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