Monday, June 11, 2012

Training Underwear

I attempted to make training underwear for my little guy using PUL waterproof fabric and prefold diapers I already had on hand.  However after making one pair, which turned out super cute, I figured out they will not work.  I don't know if Grant is big for his age or what but the pattern I used took up the whole prefold so there is no way for me to use those with a larger pattern and I couldn't get it over his knees.   So now I'm gonna have to go a different route.  I made a pair of underwear out of one of Derrick's old t-shirts and my old sleep pants, just to get the size and fit correct.

I used Katrina's soaker pattern in an XL.  My son's waist is 19 1/2-20inches and his thighs are about 11 inches so I figured the XL would be a perfect fit.  Turns out they were a little too big but look how cute they still are on my little guy.

My new plan, since the PUL and flatfold diapers didn't work for us, is to make underwear out of old t-shirts and add a soaker layer with some PUL on the outside to make them waterproof.  I'm really excited to get started on them and I'm hoping to get a few pair done this week and maybe start training next Monday.  I'm nervous already!

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