Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Toddler Relay for Life Onesies

The Relay for Life was last weekend and my mom and I were really excited.  This is extremely important to us especially right now.  At the survivor dinner we received our team t-shirts.  All survivors registered to a team received a purple t-shirt, team captains received a turquoise t-shirt, and all other team members received a white t-shirt.  They don't have toddler or childrens shirts so my mom and I really wanted to make one for my son and neice since they would both be at the Relay with us.
We started out with 2 regular white onesies.  I used an 18 month, one of Grant's old ones, for Sophie and pulled a 24 month out of his drawer so no cost there.

We took a trip to Hobby Lobby and came across these fabric markers by Crayola. 

I've never seen them before but was excited about trying them out.  I wasn't crazy about them with this particular project but they worked okay.
We mimicked the Relay for Life t-shirts we already had, minus the sponsors on the back.
Celebrate, Remember, Fight Back

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago, and had a mastectomy exactly 1 week before my wedding.  She did all her radiation and chemo and had been cancer free since then.  We all thought it was behind us until about a week ago when we found out the cancer that was in her breast tissue was now in her hip bone.  Once again she will be going through radiation and chemotherapy.  Her diagnosis was less than a week before the Relay for Life in our town and we knew that it was more important than ever for us to participate and raise as much money as we could for the American Cancer Society.  In light of all of that I wanted to put something on the shirts to honor my mom's fight.

I was not completely satisfied with how they turned out because in my head they looked a lot better, but I'm glad Grant and Sophie had their team shirts.

We had never been to Relay for Life and didn't quite know what to expect but I have to say I am super excited for next year.  I told my mom this year we would lay low and this would be our practice year.  Most people set up campers or tents and there were games, music, and food until the wee hours of the morning.  Grant was with me the entire time and what a trooper he was rolling around in his stroller and running around the campsite.  I'm so proud of him because he did so good.  Only a couple melt downs and I guess that's to be expected when you're outside for 18 hours straight.

Next year we plan to have everything more organized and make it a little less stressful, but it was worth it all for the thousands of dollars raised.

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