Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mickey Birthday Bowling

I finished the bowling game I have planned for Grant's birthday.  I went back and forth on how I wanted to do it, what I wanted to use, etc.  Originally I saw toilet paper bowling over at Oopsey Daisy and thought for sure that's what I wanted to do.  However when I set my party budget at $50 (that includes food, drinks, favors, and decorations) I started trying to find ways to use things I already had around the house because any time you have a small budget, every dollar counts.  That's when I thought of using veggie cans.

So after a few dinners I collected 6 veggie cans, took the lids off with a can opener and put masking tape over the rim in case of sharp edges.

I bought a package of primary colored cardstock at Hobby Lobby to use for multiple decorations throughout the party.  I picked yellow, red, and blue and wrapped the cans with them sealing them with glue dots. 
Of course I had to tie in Mickey so I decided to use my Cricut and my Mickey and Friends cartridge to cut out a black Mickey head.
(After taking the above pic I decided to put the can opening down so I switched the Mickey around)
Just a plain Mickey head wasn't enough so I added the number 2 to each of the cans.
I personally think they are too cute! Grant kept wanting to knock them over while I was trying to get pics of them to post, so even if they don't actually "bowl" with them I know they will at least knock 'em over and stack 'em up.

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