Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Puffy Vest

I saw this post on A Girl and A Glue Gun and Sugarbee a while ago and immediately went out and bought the flannel fabric I needed to make Grant his own puffy vest.  I thought after reading the tutorial how simple and quick the project would be so I could knock it out in a naptime.

Ask me why I ever think that will be the case, cuz it never is. 

Why don't I learn?

I proceeded to make my own pattern to use and cut both my lining fabric and outter fabric, then decided since I already read through the tutorial and knew (ok, thought I knew) exactly how to make this vest I didn't need to read the tutorial again.

This was mistake #1.

I stitched the lining and outter pieces together in the way I thought, ignoring the fact that they weren't matching up correctly, thinking the imperfections would work themselves out.

This was mistake #2.

I ended up getting most of it done (or rather thinking I had most of it done) to realize I had messed up the entire vest and there was no salvaging it unless I ripped out every seam I had previously stitched.  And seriously who wants to do that?  So, like so many other projects I screw up on the first attempt, it ended up getting thrown in a bag and procrastination set in on making another.  Every time I saw this bag an eye roll and a thought of, "I really need to make another one of those", would follow.

Finally I am here to say I have finished this project.  My words of advice.....
Read the tutorial.....And then read it again so you don't have to rip seams or procrastinate making another.

It really is a simple project.  I get easily distracted and lose focus cuz here is my background noise music:
(picture a 2 year old jumping up and down in front of you patting your knees, getting closer and closer to your face with every "Mama" he says)
Me: "what?"
Grant: "MAMA, MAMA......"
Me: "I said what?"
Grant: "MAMA, MAMA, MAMA......."
Me: "WHAT?"
Grant: sigh, eye roll, and he proceeds to turn around and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

I stuffed mine with Polyfil, made the faux pockets and collar.  You can tell my work is not perfect but I think it's really cute.  My only regret is the length.  The next one I make will be about 1 inch longer on the bottom.  Grant is growing so fast these days (what am I talking about the kid has grown like a weed since birth), so I know this one won't fit him very long.
I swear I don't take him in public dressed this way but he wanted the vest on and I had to take advantage of my fleeting moment to take a few pics.

He likes to turn to the side when he knows I'm about to take his picture, laughing the whole time.
I get alot of pictures that look like this one.

Or this.
After making this here is what I would and will do differntly the next time around, I will use quilt batting instead of stuffing (mainly because I'm lazy).  I think I over stuffed mine making it shrink a little in length.  I also won't bother using bias tape on the arms.  I used it on the one above but it looked a little strange to me.  It may not have been the tape, maybe it was my pattern but when I tucked the tape inside and stitched it down so you can't see it when Grant's wearing the vest, it seemed to fit him better and look better on him.
 I have this vest on my list for the fall to participate in the fall kids clothing week challenge at Elsie Marley.  I've been dying to participate for about a year but just havn't had the guts to attempt.
I've got my guts now.

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