Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pattern and Doll-Finished

I finally accomplished my goal of making my own doll and doll pattern.  I have had the doll half sewn for about a month and a half just waiting for some motivation to finish her.  That motivation came the weekend we moved, when my friend informed me her 2 year old's birthday was the following weekend.  I thought immediately of my half finished doll.

Of course in my haste to finish her the night before the party I forgot to take any pictures.  The one above was taken in the car on the way to the party.  I also bought a bubble wand, coloring book, and crayons.
I'm always nervous about giving homemade gifts because I never know how they will be received, however I have come to the conclusion that I need to trust my instincts and go with it because when little Korea opened the doll the first thing she did was hug her.  I was so excited to see the smile on her face, made the late night sewing completely worth it.

I'm actually a little excited to try a second pattern and doll, maybe a boy this time.  I wish I knew how to make patterns into pdf format and I would happily post it for other's to print. 


  1. Your doll turned out so cute!! Also- I just noticed my blog is on your sidebar and I wanted to say thank you so so much!! It made my day! :) I need to get blogs put on my sidebar and you will definatly be on there! :) We should do a blog swap or something sometime! Again thank you so much! And I'm your newest follower!! :)
    Britli from Bits of this and that

  2. Adorable doll! I've recently found a love for making dolls. I'm curious if you ever got around to trying a boy doll. I'm about to make a superhero one for a little boy with cancer. I'm fairly confident in my pattern, but a little unsure about the hair. I'm thinking I may give him a hat with just a bit of hair sticking out. I love the braids on this one!



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