Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wanna Be Extreme Couponer

Got word from the hubby that our internet set up finally arrived back home so I will actually be able to post some of the stuff I've been working so hard on lately.  During my time visiting my family I have been trying to take it easy, relax, and enjoy having company and help with Grant during the day.  The down side is missing my husband so I have thrown myself into my newest obsession, couponing.  I've mentioned it in some of my other posts but I am bound and determined to start getting groceries and household goods for free like the many women on Extreme Couponing.  Now I am not naive enough to think all the men and women on tv actually shop like that all the time, or that they save such a large amount on a regular basis.  Either way I want and need to master the art of couponing.

I have started my coupon binder.  When I first saw women on the show with their binders I thought "those women are crazy carrying that thing all through the store."  Now I must eat those words because I am one of them.  I started acquiring quite a collection of coupons when I started buying 2 Sunday papers, which meant double the coupons each week, and my little holder was just no longer working for me.  I spent so much time sorting and organizing and finding the coupons I needed it was ridiculous.  So now they are neatly organized in a binder with baseball card holder pages and I love it!  my husband and I were walking throught Target the other day, came across the clearence aisle were there were Suave proffessionals shampoo/conditioner multipacks for $3.50 each.  It just so happened I knew I had a Buy One Get One coupon for them.  I quickly ran out to the car to get my binder and ended up getting 9 bottles of shampoo/conditioner for $6.50 after coupons. SCORE!  Lessoned learned, always have your binder with you.

Some might be saying to themselves, why buy more than one Sunday paper when you just get the same coupons.  The women on TV say to buy 1 paper for each member of your household, and while I would love to have another set of coupons to cut and add to the collection, my papers are $2 each and I just can't justify spending $24 a month on papers alone.  After I started getting more serious about couponing I got online and saw a great sale on the razor my husband loves, it was buy one get one free and listed a coupon in the Sunday paper you could combine with a store discount and get each of them for $1.99 each.  Who can pass up such a deal?  The only problem was I only had one coupon and to get the best deal you needed two.  That's when I started buying 2 papers a week.  At least now I can purchase the items on sale for Buy One Get One and use 2 coupons for the best deal.

This week I am tackling CVS.  I had to purchase Oral B electric tooth brush heads last week and that purchase gave me $20 in extracare bucks.  It sucks to have to fork out that money initially but now its like having a $20 coupon in my pocket to spend on whatever I want.  So what does this wannabe extreme couponer do, she makes a list of all the best deals that also include receiving more extracare bucks.  I currently have a list of 15 items including huggies diapers, John Freda shampoo/conditioner, Crest mouthwash, razors, etc that come up to a total cost of less than $10 and receive approximately $14 in extracare bucks to spend next week.  JACKPOT!

I do so love coupons, and after this week I will have a mini stockpile going, I'm so super excited.  Extreme Couponing here I come, lol!

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