Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine's Day Chair Pouch

I made my son a Valentine's day chair pouch before he could sit up on his own. 

Why you ask?
Because I thought they were so stinkin cute I couldn't wait a whole year to make one. 

Fast forward 2 years and 3 moves later and I havn't got the slightest clue where its at.  I take that back, I know exactly where it is.  It's in a box in the room in the basement.  Of course so is just about everything I own so in reality I just have no idea which box it's in.

Rather than being annoyed with this reality (as I am with so many other things I have had to remake or rebuy for lack of wanting to search through boxes that are stacked higher than my head) I decided it was a great opportunity to make a newer, cuter V-day pouch.  This year I think Grant will actually be excited to wake up from naptime and see a few little surprises waiting at his high chair. 

So as I do any time I get the idea to do something I googled valentine's day chair pouch to get ideas on the shape I wanted and how I wanted it to be embellished.  Then as I also always do I threw all that out the window and started cutting and sewing. 

I don't advise this if it is late at night and you have spent way too much time fighting with your 2 year old to not dump the entire contents of his toy box on the floor, clear off all the shelves in the living room, or trying to figure out why in the world they are standing in front of you mouth wide open screaming out of the blue as if you should know what in the heck they want.  In the crafting world, or at least in my crafting world, this results in ripping out seams, recutting fabric, and my sewing machine being subjected to dirty looks and name calling.

Don't judge, I know you have secretly done the same.

I had grand plans of a beautifully written and photographed post of this wonderful V-day pouch I was making, however as you can guess from the name calling I referenced earlier all the pictures didn't get taken and after looking back through them I can tell you I was confused so I knew I wouldn't be able to acurately write a great tutorial.

Yes I know if I was a top knotch blogger I would have that tutorial regardless but I had no desire to remake this pouch.  Even though it was actually super easy to make.  I'm really happy with how it turned out and can't wait to fill it with a couple treasures.

I made mine to fit on the bar stools we have our highchair sitting on.  I've seen some made with backpack like straps but I thought the one single wrap around strap would make it easier for Grant to get into it himself.  It's just at his height.
I stitched the stap to the back of the pouch and used velcro as a closure.
There are a ton of different ways you could design your pouch, I liked the messenger bag type look so that's how I did mine.
Since it's for Valentine's day I had to put a heart somewhere so I cut a white and red from felt and stitched it on the flap to cover where I stitched the velcro on.
I used the basics of making a messenger bag and you can find those tutorials everywhere.  Just change the measurements to make them the size you need. Here is a great one.  I think mine ended up being 10 inches wide and 6-8inches tall (not including the flap).  It was very easy to make and I used interfacing on all the pieces to give it a sturdier shape so hopefully it will hold up over the years and I won't have to make my little Nutty Buddy a new one.


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