Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Diaper Cake

Let me start this post by saying, diaper cakes are a pain in the tooshie.  Of course it would have helped had I actually read a tutorial on how to make one, but being stubborn ol' me, I decided to wing it.  My advice to anyone reading this who wants to attempt one of these cakes, is to read a tutorial first.  Now that its finished of course I'm super excited.

I absolutely love how it turned out, just wish I would have been able to incorporate some of the aqua blue.  I used straight pins to hold the ribbon in place in the back and used the flowers from a vine I have had stored from our wedding.  Originally I planned and tried to make the cake like this:

However when I attempted this it did not turn out well and I had to change it.  In the end I like how mine turned out better.  I know my cousin will love it and no one in my family would has ever had one at a baby shower.

The diapers I used I actually had leftover from when Grant was in size 1.  I've had them stored in his closet since then waiting for baby #2 or someone else to have a baby. I bought some clear hair elastics from the dollar tree.  You get 500 in a package for $1.  I rolled each of the diapers and used the elastics to hold each in place.  To get each layer to hold its shape I wrapped the ribbon around really snug and used the straight pins to hold it.

I know Julia won't be expecting one of these and I can't wait to put this on the center of the table.

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