Monday, September 26, 2011

Dr Seuss Baby Shower- Pic Heavy!

I'm so excited to show you all the baby shower I put together for Saturday.  I feel like I have been working on the decorations forever, but it's finally done, and it turned out so great!

You can read about the invites I made here.  The sign in table I put right inside the front door so people wouldn't forget.  I had advice cards I made from white index cards and attached ribbon to one side.  I bought the Dr Seuss Cat In The Hat book for everyone to write a loving message for the mom to be.  The great part was people actually wrote special messages to the babies as well as to the mom.  I thought that was so sweet and such a great idea, especially since the book will be theirs.  I couldn't find a table cloth or fabric large enough to cover the 2 tv trays I put together for this table, so I used a sheer fabric curtain I found in the closet, then a scrap piece of red fabric down the center.  I made circle garland with my sewing machine and cricut by cutting out 2 inch circles and sewing them together in one long strand, very easy and very inexpensive, 2 characteristics I love in a decoration.  You can read how I made the topiary centerpiece here.

My diaper cake was used as a centerpiece.  Water bottles with personalized labels are on the right, the empty cupcake stand (I took the picture before putting any food out) and in the back next to the diaper cake I used another cupcake stand to hold the brownie favors.  I made favor tags that read "Oh me oh my thank you for stopping by", used my cricut to cut them into circles then tied the favor bags with ribbon.  My cousin's favorite dessert is brownies so it made the perfect favor.  I framed Dr Seuss quotes in black frames I already had around the house.  I printed them on white cardstock, used the Grinched font I found at then matted them with scrapbook paper.  Everyone loved walking around reading the quotes.
The diaper cake stand was made using a glass candle stick holder and plate bought from the dollar store and glued together using E600 glue (I actually made this and the cupcake stands months ago for a bridal shower).  The banner on the wall reads "Welcome Jacob & Jeremiah".  I used my cricut to cut the penants and the letters, strung them together with ribbon and taped them up.

I had originally planned on hanging these quotes and pictures from the ceiling but had a very large empty wall I felt needed a little Seusing up.  I used strips of scrapbook paper to line the top and bottom of 2 of the quotes I printed on cardstock.  On the other 2 quotes I cut 1/2 inch and 1 inch circles from cardstock with my cricut then glued them around the quotes.  The Thing image and Hat images I found online and enlarged in Microsoft word, printed them on cardstock, and cut them out.

One of my favorite little decorations and so simple to make was the diaper wreath.  I used a wood wreath found at the dollar tree, diapers I already had in the closet that were leftover from Grant.  Extra ribbon from previous projects, and I purchased the spoons and pacifiers from the Dollar Tree as well.  I used my cricut to cut the tags as well as the boys names.  Then hung the Dr Seuss hat with thread in the middle.  I'm going to make a tutorial on this later but didn't have the chance to take pictures when I put this one together.

I served baked ham, baked beans, pasta salad, deviled eggs, red velvet cupcakes, sweet tea and fresh strawberry lemonade.  I put 2 framed quotes on the bar with the food to give it a little decoration. 

I love tissue poms.  They are such an inexpensive way to decorate and yet they add so much color.  I used aqua blue and red and had them hanging in the kitchen and dining room.  All together I had 8.

I'm not at all good at coming up with rhymes, so I looked online for sayings to put with the Cat in the Hat book and advice cards, typed them in a word document using Grinched font and matted them with scrapbook paper just like the quotes.

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the gifts I made for her.  In all my rush I stuffed them in the gift bag and didn't think another thing about it.  I like to make a few things and buy some of the necessary items as well when it comes to baby gifts.  I rarely buy clothes unless it is white onesies or gowns, the staples.  Since Julia is a first time mom, I tried to think of the things I would have liked.  I know I was very concerned about what I needed to take to the hospital and so afraid I would forget something important.  I made a small travel bag and included trial size body wash, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant, and a loafa, that way she can just throw it in and know she has all the basics.  I also made a wipes case, changing pad, camo cloth shoes (2 pair), and binky clips.  I ended up buying baby shampoo, breast pads, and a tube of Vasaline. 

I had 2 games, 1 was a raffle.  In the invite I let the guests know if they brought diapers the could win a prize.  All but 1 person brought a package.  The prize was a basket with an Airwick Freshmatic, Dove body wash, Dove deodorant and a loafa.  The great thing about the gift was its all stuff I aready had  in my stockpile.  I paid $0.99 for the Freshmatic, $0.25 for the deodorant, $1.50 for the bodywash, and $0.50 for the loafa. 

The second game was the candy bar in the diaper.  I took 6 candy bars, melted them and smeared them in a diaper.  I numbered the diapers 1-6 and had everyone write down what candy bar they thought each one was.  The prize for this game was an Airwick Freshmatic, which I had paid $0.99 for months ago and already had in my stockpile.

All together, prizes, decorations, food, and gifts included, I spent a total of approximately $75.  When I told my husband this he thought that was alot but I've seen some showers people spend up to $200, so I thought I did pretty good.

Now its time to get started on Grant's Toy Story birthday, wish me luck!


  1. Cutest baby shower ever! I loved the decorations and all of the little details you did. You did a great job for only $75. Good for you. And what a lucky mommy to have you as a friend.

  2. This looks so great -- what a cute shower!




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