Saturday, September 3, 2011

I Have Rejoined the Blogging World

Wow, have we ever been busy.  We moved from one house into my in-law's house and then into our current house and we just got internet services back.  I'm now working full time, and while the job itself and the people I work for are great, I would so much rather be at home with my little man.  I'm still hoping maybe in a couple years we can make that happen but until then, I will count my blessings for having the 9 1/2 months I did.

Our house is still a disaster.  I don't know what it is about moving but it seems like the first couple days we get alot put away and in order then it all comes to a screeching hault and we live with a few boxes here and there for months.  I have yet to start my crafting, but I'm itching to get our spare room, aka my craft room, set up and going.  I really missed having my own space in our last house. 

My cousin's baby shower is coming up way too fast along with Grant's 1st birthday, and hopefully a Halloween party, EEK, I'm so excited!  I have started on a diaper cake for the shower and have been slowly collecting materials for decorations for both parties.  This weekend I'm hoping to finish the invites, since I have everything I need and they are all typed up.  All my shower preparations will probably be finished by staying up till midnight or later since little man can't stay out of anything these days.

I have misplaced my camera in the move so hopefully I'll find it soon so I can do a few posts.  Now I just need to play catch up with all my favorite craft blogs!

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