Monday, September 12, 2011

Thing 1 & Thing 2 Shower Centerpiece

I finished the centerpiece for the sign in table and I really love it.  I used a tutorial from the blog Write it Down, she used it as a Christmas ornament.  While typing this, I tried to find the tutorial on her blog but unfortunately every time I tried to go through her archives the page went blank.  If I can't find it I'll try to do a tutorial myself. 

The supplies you need are a styrofoam ball, ribbon (as many colors/prints as you would like), a dowel rod, straight pins, and whatever you want to use as a base.  I used a small mason jar filled with sugar.  As you can see from the picture I still need to pain the dowel rod but I was so excited about getting it this close to being finished, I had to post the picture.

Here was my inspiration:

I think I found this picture on Etsy by searching under Thing 1 Thing 2.  I've had the picture saved for awhile so I'm not sure who the seller is.

Here is the link for the topiary tutorial from the blog Write it Down.

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