Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On-the-Go Goodie Bag

I am constantly trying to find ways to pacify my little one while I'm trying to grocery shop, which normally consists of multiple drinks and snacks.  I always have a baggie of goodies in my purse and end up holding it over the shopping cart handle.  The only problem with this is everytime I move my hand the baggie of snacks inevitably comes with me which prompts my son to start screaming at me for taking away his goldfish crackers. 
The same problem exists in the car when lunch time is near and I just need to make one more stop before heading home.  Grant understandably starts yelling for a snack and I am left to either listen to the screaming and yelling or hold a baggie of goodies where he can reach them until they are gone.
I finally came up with a solution to this problem.  I was watching Jon & Kate Plus 8 (the first season before the drama and Kate's weird hair cut) and they had little cloth drawstring bags filled with cereal they clipped to the kids car seats when they ate breakfast on the go.  I immediately thought, "I have to make Grant a couple of those".  So why not kill two birds with one stone and make 1 cloth baggie for the car and 1 to attatch to the shopping cart.

Here is one clipped to his harness belt filled with yummy cheerios.  I was afraid he would dump them all over his carseat but he did great and just munched away.

When I finished with Grant's bags my mom loved the idea and asked me to make her one for my niece Sophie.  Since I whipped up Grants in about 20 minutes over the weekend I didn't take the time to make a tutorial but I'm working on one while I slowly get Sophie's done.   I just couldn't wait for the tutorial to share it with everyone.

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