Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Coasters For the New Place

We are moving in about a week and I'm finally motivated to start making stuff for it.  I've had fabric for months with the intention of finishing various projects to decorate the place.

I finished the easiest of them the other day, coasters, for the living room.  Our living room set is a navy blue, so I bought a navy polka dot I wanted to use but really wanted to have a matching fabric on the back.  The only problem was, I had no matching fabric in my stash. 

While cutting out a pair of shorts for my little guy from one of my husbands old shirts I realized I had enough extras to back all of my coasters.

Here's what was left after cutting out the shorts:
I ended up using both the sleeves and the left side of the shirt which made 6 coasters.
I used leftover quilt batting for the centers and quilted them just like I did the mug rugs I made as Christmas gifts this past year.
If you look closely I used the cuffs of the sleeves and didn't even worry about the seems.
I think they are gonna work great and most importantly they are soft and unbreakable, so when little man has a tantrum and inevitably throws something, he can't break them or anything else with them.

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