Thursday, May 16, 2013

Homemade Dusting Spray

We recently moved and our stuff has been in storage for over a year, so naturally alot of our furniture needed polished and cleaned.  We have 2 end tables we use in our living room that my Papaw made years ago.  When we brought them to the new place they looked like some kind of white liquid had been spilled on them and dried to it.  Of course I had no dusting spray or furniture polish to clean them and kept forgetting to pick any up at the store.  I think I was intentionally forgetting because I truely HATE buying cleaning products.  Lets face it they are extremely over priced and none of them work as well as they say they will.

While I was unpacking I found a list of homemade cleaner recipes and in them was one for furniture polish or dusting spray.  I love homemade cleaners for a couple reasons;
1. They are usually cheaper because they are made from ingredients you already have.
2.  Most of them are safe to be around little kids.  While I still keep all my cleaning products, including the homemade ones, out of reach of my little guy it's nice to know they won't harm him.

This cleaner only contained two ingredients, which I had in my cabinet, vinegar and olive oil.  All you use is 1/2 cup vinegar and 1 tsp olive oil.  Mix them together in a spray bottle and spray on your furniture using a clean rag to rub it in.

Here is a couple before pictures of my poor little end table.
Here is the after:

I am so super excited about how well this worked so I knew I had to share.


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