Monday, May 20, 2013

Toy Story Wall Hangings

I've been really anxious to decorate our new place, you know to make it a little more homey.  The last few places we have lived were very temporary and we never even unpacked everything. How sad is that. 

I wanted to make sure not to do that this time around.  I want to be fully unpacked and the place completely put together.  I knew Grant's room would be fun and of course it's got to be done in Toy Story.  Since his first birthday, which was Toy Story themed, I knew I wanted to make his room with the same theme.  I made multiple Toy Story Cricut character cut outs for his birthday and have saved them all this time with the intention of making them into some kind of wall art.

I had planned on buying some wood plaques from Hobby Lobby and painting them, but with the cost of moving and everything, I just couldn't bring myself to spend what I didn't have to.  I found 4 8x10 canvases I bought ages ago and decided they would work just fine.  So I dug through my acrylic paint and found 4 colors that were perfect blue, red, yellow, and green.  I had Grant help me pick the characters and then just mod podged them onto the painted canvas.

Are they not the cutest!

I love them and so does Grant.  He's constantly pointing at them and showing them to everyone.

I also used some of the other Toy Story items he has to decorate.  My friend gave him 3 Golden Books and 2 character dolls for his 1st birthday, so I took a couple shelves I've had forever and put them on it.

And of course I had to hang his name up. 

In case you are wondering I am fully aware the letters are not even. 

What can I say, I hung them by myself and didn't measure a thing.  Live and learn.

I have 1 more wall to decorate and I have no clue what to put on it, I need a little inspiration, but I love the what I've started.  Not bad for some free decorating.

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