Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Week #7- Grocery Shopping

This past week I was a little disappointed with the lack of sales to combine with coupons, and meat sales, there were like zilch! Meijer did have a pretty good sale on their fresh produce so I decided to focus on that this week.  I love the summer for the produce sales and I try to stock up on what I can to freeze for the winter months when I would have to pay $5 for a pint of blueberries rather than the $1.50, I pay now.
I only had $24.50 to work with this week because I bought my weekly milk and dozen eggs last week at amazing prices.

4 Old Orchard frozen juices- $1.00 each
2 Heinz ketchup pouches $0.97 used a $0.55 coupon that doubled to $0.97 making them FREE
1 Sunny D- $1.00
1 Hawaiian Punch Aloha Morning $2.39 used a $1.00 coupon = $1.39
2 Chobani Greek yogurt $1.00 used a $0.30 coupon that doubled to $0.60 making  them $0.40 each
1 Meijer brand canned tuna- $0.79
2 blue bonnet margarine quarters $0.75 each
1 French baguette $1.00
1 head of lettuce $0.99
3 Roma Tomatoes @ $1.29/lb= $1.10
Fresh Green beans @ $0.77/lb=$1.29
Green seedless grapes @ $0.89/lb= $2.08
8 ears of sweet corn= $2.00
1 large container of Meijer brand Quick Oats (not pictured cuz I forgot) $2.29
TOTAL: $20.23
This week has been a bit busy which is why this post is about 4 days late, and to beat it all I'm still not actually done grocery shopping and it's now going on Wednesday.  As the total shows I still have about $4 leftover, which I had intentions of buying bread, garlic, and shredded cheese with.  However since it's mid week and I'm beginning to wonder when I'm going to get to the store, this leftover budget will roll to this coming Friday's shopping trip if needed.
Since the menu plan for this week is off  the top of my head and not really planned (I have good reason trust me, just can't discuss it yet) I decided not to post one.  I did however use the French bread above to make some delish Italian garlic croutons, and we have had salad for multiple meals and snacks using them.  I froze 5 ears of corn for future use since I love stocking up on the fresh veggies in the summer to have that same flavor in the winter.  I also blanched and froze all the fresh green beans I purchased for future use when canned isn't on sale and I have none in my cabinet.
The fresh produce in my favorite part of summer grocery shopping!

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