Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Whoas of a Working Mom

Have I said yet that I so very much miss being a stay at home mom.  If I havn't, I'm saying it now.

I miss it.


Not to say that every day was a 1950's tv show with the wife/mom in her heals cooking dinner and the kids playing quietly, so well behaved.  Many days my husband came home to me in my pj pants and grant laying on the floor screaming because I was trying to get dinner cooked and not paying him the attention he thought he deserved in that moment.

Now however I am slowly realizing how little time I have with him and he is growing so fast!  In the mornings I get at the most 1 hour, of which the majority is me getting ready and getting the diaper bag and lunches packed.  By the time I get home I get approximately 4 hours. 

Can I just say, 5 hours in a day is not enough, its just not.

Don't get me wrong I realize there are women out there who get less time, and those who never got the 9 months I was blessed with to stay home.   Call me spoiled but I want more.  I am realizing how quickly this time goes and how short of a time children are actually children.  The time in their life you are the center of their world and they think of you as super woman who can do anything.  I want every second of it I can get and right now it's just not happening.  Hopefully this won't be a forever thing and before my little man starts school I will get my stay-at-home-mommy days back.

To all of you reading this who are at home with your little ones, be thankful every day.  Even through the screaming and tantrums, because it's all worth it to be there when you dry their tears and they start smiling.

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