Thursday, February 3, 2011

Graduation Cake

I have wanted to learn how to decorate cakes for a long time.  I was a faithful Cake Boss viewer until we moved and no longer get the channel, darn Charter Cable.  So now I have made a committment which forces me to actually learn, it's kind of sad when you have to do that just to get the guts to actually try something new.  My little sister, Kayli, is graduating high school this year.  Wow just typing that is so weird.  I think I will always think of her as 5 years old and a little kid, makes me feel old to think she is almost legally an adult. 

I was trying to think of someone I could make a cake for to start learning how to decorate and immediately thought of her graduation.  My mom is doing a big 3 family (my parents are divorced) graduation party for her, so what better time to practice my non existing skills.  I officially have 3 months and counting to perfect the skills I hope to have.  She already told my sister I was going to make her one and she's really excited to have a "fancy" cake.  Most of her friends will have the usual sheet cake from the local grocery store.  So now I'm committed and I have to do it.

Here is my inspiration....
The white background will be buttercream and all the little stripes and polka dots will be fondant.  My sister's school colors are dandelion yellow and maroon (they are the ugliest school colors ever haha).  Mine probably won't look as good as this one, but out of all the pictures I found on this one was my favorite and I know Kayli will love it.

Now I'm just waiting to get our income tax refund so I can go buy a few decorating essentials to start practicing.  I don't think this new challenge is going to be good for my waistline since there will be cake sitting around all the time.   Maybe I'll get sick of cake and not want to eat it, could I be so lucky?

If there is anyone out there who is wanting to learn anything about cake decorating you have to go to the Cake Central website, it is awesome for any level decorators, from beginners to advanced.  You can post questions, recipes, pictures, anything.  I'm loving it.

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