Thursday, February 10, 2011

Transportation Quilt

I have been embroidering since I was a little girl.  I have made lots of baby quilts, including one for my son's nursery.  When I was searching through my favorite website for quilt blocks I found this set:

I love the colors of these blocks, as soon as I saw them I knew I had to buy them for Grant.  It has taken me months to actually get them out and start sewing on them but I finally did it.  I'm on block one of twelve which is why I am starting on them in now in the hopes that I will not be working on this quilt Christmas Eve.
My intent is for this to be a Christmas present for him this year, and the theme of his bedroom next year.

I also bought these:

My mom and two of my aunts are breast cancer survivors.  I don't plan on using these quilt blocks to make a quilt, instead I want to use them to make each of my aunts and my mom a pillow that says Suvivor and give it to them during October, Breast Cancer Awareness month.  October is also my mom's 2 year cancer free mark.  We are very blessed.

I have also made my own quilt blocks and hopefully I'll be able to make a tutorial on it soon just in case there is someone out there who wants to learn.  Plus it comes in handy when you want to make a quilt  of something there are no premade blocks for.  My aunt makes them for her grandkids to teach them how to embroider simple images.

But I'll have to leave that to another day.  My little one will be waking any minute now and I still haven't even got my teeth brushed this morning, gross I know.  Grant distracts me easily, lol.

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