Thursday, February 17, 2011

Homemade Dishwasher Detergent

I love being able to make things on my own, and its a huge bonus when it saves me money.  I was at the end of my box of Cascade and was dreading paying nearly $5 for another one.  Doesn't sound like much but that's $5 I can spend on something else, anything else. 

I found this recipe on a website a long time ago and wrote it in a notebook, can't for the life of me remember what website it was.  I already had all 3 of the ingredients needed so for me it was free.  Here's what you will need: 

Borax, Cascade, and Baking Soda

Measure out 1 cup Borax
1 cup Cascade
1 cup Baking Soda

Mix all three together.  I like to use a slotted spoon because I think it mixes up better.
After it's mixed pour it into a container.  First I poured mine in a 24oz formula can, which would have worked fine but I decided I like clear containers for cleaning detergents and mixes so I switched.  I did keep the scoop from the formula can to use with my dishwasher detergent and it works perfect. 

The container I used is a 3.8 cup plastic container.  My dishwasher uses about 2 scoops per load.

Cascade usually runs about $4.44 in stores around me
Borax is approximately $2.50 
Baking Soda is approximately $2.50
Total = about $9.50

You don't have to use Cascade, you can use any detergent made for dishwashers.  The walmart brand is about $2.27 a box which would bring the above total down to about $7.50.  With the supplies already on hand you probably have enough to make about 5 batches.  Definately cheaper than using the store bought by itself.

I also have a homemade recipe for baby wipes and antibacterial wipes coming soon

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