Friday, February 18, 2011

The Planner In Me

While I am a self proclaimed procrastinator, I have an over whelming need to plan everything way in advance.  I can't help it, I have to plan.  Even if my plan completely falls apart or doesn't work at all there is comfort in just having one.  Now how does it make sense that I plan everything so far in advance but yet I can't seem to get anything done until the last minute.   Yes it stumps me too.

My husband is the opposite of me when it comes to these things.  He waits until the last minute to even think about things.  Birthdays, holidays, events, parties, bills, and anything else that would in my mind require a little bit of planning, he waits until the day or two before.  Sometimes he waits until the day of. 

I admit I go a little over board with planning especially when it comes to anything that requires a gift, we are talking planning months in advance trying to figure out what to get someone.  I like to put thought into my gifts because I want them to be "perfect" for the one who is receiving them.  I rarely if ever just walk into a store and grab something.  No, I usually have quite a bit of time wrapped up in them whether it be crafting, sewing, or a lot of thought.

A prime example is my sister's graduation.  Most people would go to the local Walmart, buy a card, throw some money in it, and sign their name.  This is exactly what my husband told me to do when I started asking him about ideas of what to get her.  Of course I told him there was no way I could just give her a card with money, unacceptable for me.   I need time to purchase materials if I decide to make something, find things on clearence or on sale, and possibly clip some coupons to save a little.  Which is exactly what I did for one of the items going in my sister's graduation gift basket.  I came up with the idea to make a gift basket full of coffee drinks, her favorite energy drink, to go mug, etc.  All the things she will need as fuel for those late night study sessions.  Anyways, I wanted to add one of the Starbucks Frappacino 4-packs but at $5.99 along with all my other ideas I wanted to include this was going to end up a very pricey gift.  As luck would have it Kroger had them on sale last week and I found a $1 off coupon, SCORE! I got them for $3.99.  Now would I have found that great deal if I hadn't been planning ahead, I think not.

For whatever reason I take control over all the birthdays and any gift giving holiday.  I do ask my husband if he has any ideas or anything he has been wanting to do for whomever the recipient is but here is inevitably the response I get, "I don't know, I havn't thought about it." To which I respond with a roll of my eyes and a simple "of course you havn't".  Now I knew this about my husband before the "I do's", and of course I love him with all my heart regardless, but geez does it aggravate the life out of me sometimes. 

Does anyone else out there have this problem?  I thought maybe it was mainly a crafter thing because we need time to decide on what to make/create and time to buy the materials needed.  Then again maybe it is just a little quirk I get to call my own.

Wow this turned into quite a long post of my little rant.  Well I will quit boring anyone who may still be reading this and say goodnight since it is 11pm here and sadly about 3 hours past my bedtime and as any mother knows sleep is precious and must not be taken for granted.

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  1. I think you just stated EXACTLY how I feel about all holiday/birthday gifts. And verbatum what my husband says. I am also a planner/procrastnator! I have 4 totes full of "think ahead" gifts and it saves us so much money! Living 25mins from even a Walmart is making me very thankful for my thinking ahead to gifts I have to buy each year!



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