Friday, April 8, 2011

Bibs for Grant

Grant is one slobbery (is that a word?) baby.  We go through 5 or more bibs a day and he soaks through them in 2 hours max.  I thought I had plenty of bibs when he was born, after all there were stacks of them.  However I didn't realize how chubby his little neck was so I didn't even get to use most of them.  The other day after feeding him his veggies I went to get a bib out of the drawer and realized I only had one clean one left, knowing it takes sometimes over 2 hours to do one load of laundry from start to finish (no high efficiency washer and dryer for us haha), I had to either let him slobber all over his shirt, go buy a few, or make some. 

Of course I decided to make a few.  I dug out all my flannel and the yard of water proof fabric (there is a specific name for it but can't for the life of me remember what it is) I had in my stash and started cutting.  I didn't take pictures during the process but it's fairly easy to describe.  I used one of Grant's larger bibs, folded it in half, placed it on newspaper and  cut out a pattern.

Place the pattern on the fold of the flannel and the waterproof fabric and cut.  Now you have the front and back of your bib.

Place right sides together (the slippery side of the waterproof fabric is the wrong side, you want it on the inside of your bib to prevent moisture from leaking through), and stitch around the bib leaving and opening for turning.

Turn right side out and stitch once again all the way around your bib making sure to stitch the opening closed.

Now Grant has a few more bibs, I satisfied my crafting craving, and I used up some of my fabric stash, don't you just love that!

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