Friday, April 1, 2011

Birthday Gifts

My neice and nephews birthday party is this weekend.  We already bought Kaitlyn a Barbie and Ken doll (came in the same box for $2.50, Score!) to go with the Barbie dream house her mom is getting her, and we bought Chase the football he has been asking for.  My husband has this thing that if you find a gift cheap then you need to buy something else to go with it.  As if someone will know you didn't spend much and be offended or something, ridiculous to me.  Well now is not the time to be spending alot of money so I reminded him of the purse I made and fabric for pj pants I bought 2 years ago.  Both of which were suppose to be birthday gifts for them back then.  Here is the purse, made from the buttercup bag pattern from Made by Rae. 

The only thing I added was this ribbon flower to cover up where I stitched the velcro on.

Here are the pajama pants I made using my favorite tutorial at Homemade Mommy.

His dad is in the army so he loves anything that has camo.  I originally was just going to purchase some camo fabric and then came across this at Hobby Lobby, it was perfect!

So in about a half hour I had two finished gifts to go with the store bought gifts we already have.  Hopefully they will appreciate them.  For whatever reason I always get a little nervous when giving homemade gifts to my husbands side of the family, I guess maybe it's because no one on his side ever does homemade gifts.  Where as my side is always making gifts or putting together homemade treats in gift baskets.  Either way I am satisfied with how they turned out.

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