Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Comfy Shorts For Grant

Last week, in the 80 degree weather we were having, I realized Grant had no cotton shorts.  He has a few pair of jean shorts but I like for him to be in comfy clothes when we are around the house.  I figure if I wear sweats, he should too.  I wanted to be resourceful and save money, so I got to thinking I could probably use the same tutorial at Handmade Mommy I use for pj pants to make shorts.  I was so excited I went and dug out my flannel stash (I stocked up when Joann's had it on sale for $1.29/yd) and made a pair in less than 15 min.  I've only got 1 done so far but plan on making at least 2 more.

Here are Grant's comfy little shorts:

Are they too cute or what?  Especially when they are on his chubby little legs.  Seeing the picture of them makes me want to run to my craft room and make a few more, but no can do I hear little man waking up from his morning nap.

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  1. Lisa, I saw your comment on my blog about the unsung crafty mom week-I hope you will share something. You have cute ideas and I would love to include you. Send me an e-mail:



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