Monday, April 25, 2011

Cloth Wipes

Yes I have found one more way to save a few dollars.  I made these cloth wipes before Grant was born in my attempt to save us as much as possible during my maternity leave.  I had every intention of using them at the beginning.  However I had forgotten babies have dirty diapers almost every time you change them when they are first born and I had no desire to clean that mess up with cloth wipes.  Weird too, because the cloth diapers didn't bother me but the idea of cloth wipes along with it didn't seem worth it anymore.

Now that Grant is bigger and most of his diapers are just wet, I have started using the wipes I made.  I only use them when he is wet but that in itself has made my throw away wipes last more than twice as long.

I took scraps of flannel fabric, which I had alot of, and cut them to size.  I cut mine to 4x8 inches.

I then zigzag stitched around each one to prevent fraying.

I used an empty wipes case and put them in, then used 1/2 cup water with a large squirt of baby wash and a small squirt of baby lotion (I no longer measure since I have made it so many times but nothing needs to be exact) wisk until its combined and pour it over the wipes.  Let it soak into them for about 10 minutes before using just to make sure they are all saturated.

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