Friday, April 22, 2011

Dish Towels

We were at Walmart the other day, walking through the clearence aisle, and they had a whole set of really  nice chocolate brown dishes for $16.  Can you believe that, what a deal!  I immediately thought they would go perfect with the fabric I used to make dish towels for my Dad's wife for Christmas.  Yes you heard correctly, I am already thinking about Christmas, but I figure with my procrastinating ways I need to start extra early if I want to finish anything before Christmas Eve.

These were intended to be gifts for this past Christmas but I found something else instead and decided to save these for this year and add to them.  All I did to dress up these plain green and blue dish towels was purchase fabric, cut it into to strips and sew it onto the towels.  It took me all of about 10 minutes to complete and I still have about a yard and half of fabric left.  My plan is to make a valance, hot pad, and maybe an apron.

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