Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter Pail

My intention was to make Grant a fabric Easter basket this year.  I found a tutorial I liked, had my fabric out and ready and then after trying to make a bag that ended up being a horrible crafting disaster, I scrapped the idea.  I didn't want to waste fabric if it ended up not turning out the way I envisioned and I figured with me going to Ohio Easter week I should take an easier way out.

I went to the dollar tree in search of a plastic bin, bucket or pail, not necessarily an Easter one, but one I could dress up and I found this:

They had them in blue, green, purple, and pink. I immediately went for the blue knowing I had some orange ribbon to dress it up, my husband is a big Tennessee Vols fan so I thought he would appreciate the orange.

I whipped out the glue gun and glued ribbon around the handle and around the bottom of the pail.  I used my Cricut and the Don Juan cartridge to cut the letters of Grant's name out at 1 inch, then glued those to the pail as well.  I showed my husband the finished pail all excited because I thought it was cute and he hesitated when I asked him what he thought.  Of course once again he thought what I made looked a little girly due to the polka dots on the ribbon.  Maybe it does but Grant is 5 months old I think cute little polka dots are allowed at his age.  Either way I think the pail is adorable and will be perfect for his first Easter, and who can complain with a $1 Easter basket.  Maybe next year I'll come up with a more "manly" basket, do they even make those in pastel colors? haha.

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