Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shoes For Baby Shophie

My last little homemade gift for baby Sophie is of course a pair of cloth shoes using the Stardust shoe pattern.  I don't think there has been a baby born among my family and friends that has not received a pair of these since I found the pattern.  They are addicting once you make one you can't help but make 5 more, and BONUS you can get rid of some of your fabric scraps so no need to purchase any.  I made these to match the onesie I posted about here.

My next step with her gift is to get a few necessities such as diaper rash cream, package of wipes,diapers, etc. Just some small things she will need.  I'm so excited to get it all put together.


  1. I love making fabric baby shoes too. Darling!


  2. I have been wanting to make my new little niece a pair using this pattern! This are WAY TOO cute!!
    Is it easy to find the bottom (sole) material?



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