Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Applique Onesie

I also started on the applique onesie for little Sophie Marie.  I used Heat and Bond I purchased from Walmart.  There were two kinds, I bought the sewable.  I cut out the fabric I wanted, then pinned it to the Heat and Bond and cut around that.  Next put the shiny side of the Heat and Bond on the wrong side of your fabric and iron over top.  This makes the Heat and Bond stick to your fabric.  Next peel off the paper backing, place your fabric where you want it on your onesie and iron over top of that.  Here is what mine looks like.

Once you have ironed your picture on your onesie you will need to applique around the edges.  I like to blanket stitch mine but you could also machine stitch.

Here it is completely finished:

I wanted to have a ruffle butt on this onesie but after making the ruffles, sewing them on, and looking at it I decided it was a complete disaster.  It looked really bad, so I ripped them out and nixed the whole idea of ruffles.  Maybe next time.

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