Friday, March 4, 2011

More PJ Pants

Grant is growing so fast these days, he is 4 months old and wearing 12 month clothing and even 18 month pajamas.  I know most babies aren't in the same size as their age but I've never known a 3 or 4 month old to wear 12 month.  Anyway I've been scouring the stores for clearence items because it seems like we go through them the fastest.  I have found a few sets for $3 a piece but I refuse to pay much more than that since I know he won't wear them more than a few weeks. 

I thought about the Christmas pj pants I made him a few months ago and thought I needed to make some more since I have a ton of flannel stashed in my closet.  I use this tutorial from Handmade Mommy.  This is one of my favorite tutorials and one of the quickest projects.  I have purchased multiple Simplicity patterns for pj pants and after using this tutorial they will remain unused.  Here is the finished project:

They seem huge to me but I know he will be in them before I know it.  I bought this fabric the day after Thanksgiving for a little over a $1 a yard, what a steel!  These took me about 10 minutes.  The more I make them the faster I get at it, and I am all about quick projects.  I have 2 other kinds of flannel ready to be cut into pants, and I'm so anxious to get them started. 

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